Marketing Digital

Digital marketing helps you improve your vision, traffic and sales. We'll help you build strong customer relationships at low cost.

Search Engine Optimization

It is a basic tool in developing your online business. It involves finding the necessary techniques and strategies so that your website becomes as visible as possible in the list of search engine results (Google). With its help you get increased visibility compared to your competitors absolutely FREE.

Social media

Everyone has at least one account on Instagram, Facebook, etc. Social platforms are a natural place to reach new potential customers, promoting your company.

Email Marketing

Is direct marketing that includes strategies and tactics used to create and distribute email first content in order to establish a relationship between customer and brand or to send promotional information and updates

Google AdWords

The AdWords program allows companies to get to the top using Google's search engine for a fee. This service is keyword-focused, with their help you can create relevant ads that will trigger when the user uses the keywords and you will be charged per click. Its advantage is that you can reach the top search positions in a very short time.

Why us?


We leverage the company's potential by creating unique promotional formulas

The company will provide you with all the individual work techniques. To us you are unique, and we will create uniqueness in the eyes of the client.

Thanks to the promotional tools used and multilaterale development, your business will reach the top of the market.

Customers turn to companies they trust, this is achieved when they see the people behind them. Using the social media method of promotion, we use real, live material.

Each project represents a new approach, together we will set the individual budget and provide effective solutions while keeping costs to a minimum.

We will perform the necessary analyses to balance costs and revenue, so we will find the right formula for your company to achieve maximum profit.

Effective promotion is customers and last but not least - revenue. We will identify the main source of customer conversion and maximise its potential.

Work procedure



Analysis of existing material

The list of research milestones includes:

  • website
  • social media
  • The database to identify their stage and existing potential.


Detecting working strategies

  • We identify the SEO strategy
  • tactics for database development and email collection
  • we will identify the optimal keywords that describe your business
  • we will create effective Google promotion formulas.


Optimisation of existing material

Following analysis of the material we will make improvements to the website to meet the requirements of social media promotion, we will also take steps to humanize the brand and gain the trust of customers. Last but not least we will set the necessary development budgets.


Account management

Our team will take over existing social media accounts and create feed posts, stories and promotions. We'll track the type of content needed by your target audience

  • text type
  • post format
  • visual appearance


Launching advertising campaigns and managing budgets

Our specialists will take care of Google advertising campaigns and promotions on instagram and facebook. This will identify keywords that match the client's requirements and create an effective formula for your business. After budgeting we will set minimum costs with maximum conversion rate.



During a period agreed upon by both parties, the customer's behaviour will be analysed in relation to all the promotional tools used, and depending on the customer's reaction, they will be processed until successful.



After the analysis and monitoring, we will make a report in which we will include the conversion rate, the results obtained for each promotion tool used, as well as the expenses incurred in relation to the customer traffic obtained. This will be done in the form of a document and presented to the partner.

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