Process Automation

In the 21st century we are in the midst of a technological revolution. This is why leading companies are turning to automation of repetitive processes.

Process Automation

A process can be automated if:

  • It's repetitive
  • Excessive time consumption
  • Requires excess frames
  • They are standardized
  • Have the potential for a return on investment

During the collaboration with Daoi-Source, we will be your first help in streamlining the work process and increasing the efficiency of your employees. We use the latest technology in the field, which helps us to develop it into a more efficient and productive company.

Why us?


Our company aims to create partnership relationships based on trust and reciprocity, so for us it is important to please the customer.

Thanks to these values, we offer our customers customized offers and bring remarkable benefits.

For all our projects, Daoi-Source offers free technical support for a period of 1 year.

Customers turn to companies they trust, this is achieved when they see the people behind them. Using the social media method of promotion, we use real, live material.

Each project represents a new approach, together we will set the individual budget and provide effective solutions while keeping costs to a minimum.

We will perform the necessary analysis to balance costs and revenue, so we will find the right formula for your company to achieve maximum profit.

Effective promotion is customers and last but not least - revenue. We will identify the main source of customer conversion and maximise its potential.

Work procedure



Research and planning

Successful projects can't happen without a well-established plan. Our team uses its time and resources to ensure your business has a strategy and has all the customer and product focused information.

  • Competitors and Market Analysis
  • We determine the clientele and their needs
  • We establish the right strategy for your industry.


Development of the Task Book

In order to structure and optimise the workload, each project requires a Task Book or Technical Task. The Task Book is approved together with the Client, and the subsequent development of the Application takes place based on it.

  • We develop the wireframe for the design
  • We generate User Story
  • We select the right tools and technologies for your project


Development of the Project according to the project specification

The project is divided into several milestones. At the end of each milestone we set up a meeting with the client, where we establish additional information with the client.



At the end of each stage (milestone), testing of the newly implemented functionality and layout takes place, after which the production phase begins.


Customer feedback

When the project enters the pre-production phase, the full presentation of the final product is made, at this stage the client gives final feedback.



Depending on the client's feedback, the final touches are made and then the last step is to launch the project.


Launch of the Final Project.

In the last step the deployment (launching the project on the Server) takes place, after which the final project goes into production.

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